Beer Labels

This year has not seen a lot of updates on on blog. I’ve been busy working on non art/design related projects, traveling, spending time with friends, etc.

I did find time to learn how, and to brew a batch of beer. I ended up getting about 43 bottles worth of beer out of it. My friend Scotty found me a nice deal for some equipment so I bought that and went to brewing.

Over a month later and I’m done with the whole process. I thought it would be fitting to design myself a label.

Its my first brew, and I know people probably imagine some gross beer, so I was initially going to call it Stinky Pete. I found out that is a Toy Story character, so I went with Stinky Scollin.

I drew some sketches of the name, and came up with this idea of having it kind of built together in a kind of childish tree house way.

I knew I had to put some ridiculous photo of me into the label, so I shot some photos of myself making ridiculous faces and trying to look a bit hillbilly.

I vectorized my face, and threw it in the traditional oval.

Next inserted the obligatory wheat stocks, and added a gradient to the background.

At this point I decided to drop the word “Homebrew” and instead simplify to just Stinky Scollin, and then give the flavor. Also a few people had told me that my hair isn’t black and I needed to lighten it. I did this and then started to refine a bit.

Finally added in all the extra stuff that makes it look “label-y.” Also made my hair a bit more light.
Note: Bottle date and alcohol % are close to accurate.

I bought some 8.5 x 11″ stickers. They are “copier” paper though, so I had my fingers crossed as I printed. As you can see they really didn’t pick up the dark background very well, but interestingly enough I like it. It sets it apart from the bottle more than it probably would have and still looks good. On the bottle also really brings it together.


Excited about how this one came out.

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