Homeless Photos

I started this project a long time ago, but due to my laziness I basically just let my photos sit around. I’m think these are my better ones, though I would like to take a few more. I got them all printed and framed, I’d love to set up some sort of a show this year.

Here are the photographs in a bit higher resolution.

1. This guy was standing outside of Old Navy.

2. This guy was just sleeping right on a street corner in the middle of the day. Ironically the bottle he has is actually a soda bottle, but I framed the photo to kind of hide that fact.

3. This guy was just too interesting not to photograph. 

4. This was one of those photographs that had I been 2 seconds slower I would have missed it. The juxtaposition is pretty fantastic.


Let me know what you think! Also if you have any ideas for venues where I might be able to do a show, let me know as well.

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One Response to Homeless Photos

  1. wonderful collection – i like your observations about people

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