Poster For Work

A number of months ago while walking around the office, I came upon a large format printer. After realizing that I am a visual designer at Google I realized that I might actually have a chance to be able to print large format prints. I talked to someone and they gave me the details on how to print from the printer. I was anxious to do some printing, but work was super busy, and it was hard to have an excuse to do something not work related.

Finally work simmered down for a week or so, and I hopped back on this project. I designed out the poster and sent it to print. As I watched this huge 44″ piece of paper start to come out, I realized to my horror that all of the black color wasn’t printing. On top of that, there were a number of spots where the print heads had leaked onto the poster. I canceled the print and had to give up.

I followed up with about 6 different people before finally getting in touch with one person who claimed they might have some spare ink laying around. (Side note: it costs about $500-700 to refill the ink). So I waited and crossed my fingers.

I checked back at the printer a couple times hoping it had been fixed, until a few weeks later, I saw that instead of refilling the ink, someone had completely removed the printer. It was gone. My hopes and dreams crushed.

But then I remembered I had seen another printer that looked smaller, and less available for the public. I located it and while hovering, scanning the machine for any hope of being able to print, a guy asked me if I needed help. He said its easy to print and it would be fine if I printed. Filled with joy, I ran back to my desk, grabbed my laptop and prepared to print. I asked him what size it was and he said “I think its about 55 inches.” So not only was I going to be able to print, but I was going to be able to print super large scale.

When the print finally came out, I was so stoked. I showed it to my team, and they loved it too. Its all campaigns that my design team worked on, and its the alphabet, from A-Z.

Enjoy! [Click for higher resolution image]



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