52 Weeks of UX

During my random stumblings across the interwebs, I found this website: 52 Weeks of UX. I thought, “How cool! A website that will teach me UX over 52 weeks.”

Inspired by Michael Wang’s drawing about EYEO, I thought that a good way to motivate myself to read it would be to take visual notes about it, and turn that into a drawing in my moleskine.

I began, and after about 10 lessons I had a full page. But as I continued I was less and less excited about the blog. Turns out it was just a couple bloggers who attempted to post new posts about UX every week, no matter what the content. Some were lessons, some were just random thoughts. At the end (around week 39) they just kind of give up, and some guests post some stuff, and they die off at week 49… never even reaching the full 52 weeks.

I was able to fit a big chunk of the important lessons onto the page. It was super fun and easy to do since I used to doodle like this every single day in high school and college. It was low stress to do, and ironically ends up looking super jumbled and overwhelming, which is kind of the opposite of what a good UX’er is trying to accomplish. Good times!

Final note: I’ve lately been feeling like too much of my time has been going into finishing drawings and that more of my time should be doing more design work. Practicing my craft a bit more. We’ll see how things go.

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