Skateboard Project – Board 1 Status 1

So this project is something that’s been in progress for a long time. I really wanted to do something artistic and needed motivation. I talked with Rosa Chou and we decided to collaborate. Rosa thought about somehow combining out two styles and using a selection of canvases. I liked the idea, but when she thought about changing the material from canvas to something else that’s when things really started getting exciting. I went to WalMart and bought myself 3 cheap skateboards ($10 a pop).

I then started by taking off the wheels.

Then the plastic:

The hardest part was then scraping off the labels they had applied. I busted out a razor blade, wrapped some tape around it, and began scraping. It came off, but it took time, and multiplied by three boards was a lot more work than I had expected. Needless to say my fingers hurt.

Once they were all scraped clean, I took them all back to my home up north where I used my dad’s sander and sanded them all down to get those last pieces of paper off.

I then chose a board to use, and made sure to take up the edges to give it a refined feeling.

Rosa had worked and got me some awesome stencils. So I thought this would be a perfect basis to start with so I glued this one down

Now the painting began. I began with my black spray paint.

Then busted out my acrylics.

Added some spray paint flairs.

Removed the stencil for the awesome effect.

Its hard to say if this is done yet but it will be sent over to Rosa for her to add her illustrations, after that it may end or its possible I’ll add more, and it may go back and forth. Either way I’m excited for how this has started. Two more boards need to be done.

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