Cut & Paste

A couple weeks ago I applied to compete in Cut & Paste which is basically a design competition where the competitors attempt to finish a design in only 15 mins. I got accepted to the tryout so I prepared and on Sunday I went and tried out. The theme (which often is very vague and hard to figure out what to d0) was Bliss. I decided to go with something I think would please the crowd and did a piece about Pac-Man.

I stuck around and watched most of the people try-out and I felt like there were more bad ones than good ones, but still do not feel confident that I got in. Either way I’m going to go and I’m excited to see what people bring to the stage.

Here is what I made:

Pac Mang - Bliss 2D

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1 Response to Cut & Paste

  1. Michael Wang says:

    Kind of depressing how Pac-Man presumably ate the ghost-dudes and is now partying it up with their grieving ghost-spouses

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