First Abstract – Final

I finally finished my first abstract drawing in my moleskine. This project has taught me so much.

First off I’ve learned that the human eye is absolutely amazing as it can quickly identify any line that is even a fraction of a degree misaligned.

Second, I’ve gained a new appreciation for abstract art. Using 2 point perspective was very difficult and also conceptualizing how each shape is going to form into the next one was a difficult challenge. This whole project probably took me around 8 – 10 hours to finish.


Abstract Moleskine Abstract Moleskine


Abstract Moleskine

Even upside down it can look kind of cool:

Abstract Moleskine

This was a good project for me, and perhaps later I’ll add color.

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1 Response to First Abstract – Final

  1. Michael says:

    Looks a bit like I died and went to Tetris heaven…

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