Big Ben Pale Ale Label

I finished brewing my second batch of beer. The package I bought was a Big Ben Pale Ale.

Here is my previous label:

I decided it would be fun to just use this as reference and just sort of do a variation, with british influence.

This was getting there, but I wasn’t sure it was british enough. I really wanted to get a bit crazy with it, so I kept adding more, until I got to my final result:

I printed out a bunch of labels and now the beer is ready to go!

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Etching Glass

My girlfriend Fiona said that she had etched a glass as a gift to her dad. It sounded like a lot of fun, so she brought me the supplies and said we could make an etched glass.

As soon as I got the glass I realized “oh crap” I have no clue what to do. It was a totally blank canvas and I could do anything I wanted.

Finally I came up with some words I wanted to write out.

I had already tried drawing a bunch of stuff, and my drawings of letters weren’t coming out that well so I went straight to the computer, and came up with this:

I had wanted it to be relatively easy to cut out of paper so I thought the jagged lines would help, rather than lots of curves. Next I printed it out, laid some tape over the glass and then started to cut out the stencil.

When working that small, its tough to work in all the details. The fact that the tape was peeling up didn’t help.

After it was all stenciled out I applied the etching solution.

After waiting 10 mins, I ended up with this:

Not perfect, but not bad for my first time. Not sure if I’ll do anymore for myself, but maybe a cool gift idea.

And now for a random fun bonus shot:

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Mother’s Day Gift

For this past mother’s day I whipped up a gift certificate to give my mom. Busted this one out pretty quick, so again not a lot of refinement.


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Macaroni Drawings

At work we were talking about our new rolls, and we came up with the name Macaroni Drawings.

Since I work on mobile ads an idea of a macaroni phone came to mind. Designed up this in an hour or so.

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Last Minute Card For Grandma

This weekend I went up to Ukiah to celebrate my birthday as well as my grandma’s birthday. Being the busy guy jerk that I am, I didn’t get anything for my grandma’s birthday.

About 30 mins before everyone came over, I opened up photoshop and decided to whip up a card design as fast as I could.

I decided to base it off this previous design of mine to save on thinking time.

Next, I decided to use a color palette that I had generated using Kuler.

Total design time was about 20-30 mins:

Definitely not my best, but my grandma was happy.

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Just Play Logo Refined 2

This will be my final Just Play logo post. I actually had this finished in January, I just didn’t get around to posting the photos.

Here is another finalized logo:

1. The initial sketch:

2. First vectorized logo. I decided to move the line to above the A since that seemed to make more sense phonetically.

3. Finalized logo. I really tried to refine and simplify. I still wanted it to feel hand crafted, but just a little bit more uniform sizes with the letters and less wiggles on the outline.

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Beer Labels

This year has not seen a lot of updates on on blog. I’ve been busy working on non art/design related projects, traveling, spending time with friends, etc.

I did find time to learn how, and to brew a batch of beer. I ended up getting about 43 bottles worth of beer out of it. My friend Scotty found me a nice deal for some equipment so I bought that and went to brewing.

Over a month later and I’m done with the whole process. I thought it would be fitting to design myself a label.

Its my first brew, and I know people probably imagine some gross beer, so I was initially going to call it Stinky Pete. I found out that is a Toy Story character, so I went with Stinky Scollin.

I drew some sketches of the name, and came up with this idea of having it kind of built together in a kind of childish tree house way.

I knew I had to put some ridiculous photo of me into the label, so I shot some photos of myself making ridiculous faces and trying to look a bit hillbilly.

I vectorized my face, and threw it in the traditional oval.

Next inserted the obligatory wheat stocks, and added a gradient to the background.

At this point I decided to drop the word “Homebrew” and instead simplify to just Stinky Scollin, and then give the flavor. Also a few people had told me that my hair isn’t black and I needed to lighten it. I did this and then started to refine a bit.

Finally added in all the extra stuff that makes it look “label-y.” Also made my hair a bit more light.
Note: Bottle date and alcohol % are close to accurate.

I bought some 8.5 x 11″ stickers. They are “copier” paper though, so I had my fingers crossed as I printed. As you can see they really didn’t pick up the dark background very well, but interestingly enough I like it. It sets it apart from the bottle more than it probably would have and still looks good. On the bottle also really brings it together.


Excited about how this one came out.

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